We are honoured to present our latest Great Philatelic Collections book dedicated to the Classic Japan Collection of Hiroyuki Kanai.

This book as well as the Tribute to Mr. Kanai have been presented by both the President of the Royal Philatelic Society and the Monaco Club at the prestigious Monaco exhibition cocktail evening on December 6th.

Kanai was able to assemble nearly all the important complete sheets of the “Dragons”, which exists on varying papers and in a variety of shades, in some cases more than one of a given value. Though sparsely annotated, his pages, for the most part unseen since his Grand Prix exhibits, offer all those interested in the issues the full range of the sheets, the most important covers, the greatest used blocks and the gamut of cancellations which occur on them.

For these as well as the later issues, Kanai’s collection must forever remain the standard by which others collections can be compared and judged.

We anticipate this volume will also inspire philatelists to further research and instigate fresh studies for these issues.

Through this book Kanai’s life’s work on these issues will remain immortal, and a living resource, for current and future generations of philatelists around the world.

The book is available on our online shop.