David Feldman SA will have the honour to auction the famous Bombay Cover on December 1st, 2016 in Geneva.
This philatelic rarity is considered by many to be the greatest philatelic item in existence!

There is no doubt that with only twenty-six examples in existence today, the first postage stamps of Mauritius, the famous “Post Office” issue, represent the absolute pinnacle of the rare stamp market, and have done so ever since they first emerged in Bordeaux in the 1860’s. While the stamps are incredibly rare, the covers which still retain them are even more so, with
only six complete covers of the first issue having survived the last 169 years!

The entire letter comprises a double letter sheet written by the Reverend Langrishe Banks on 1 January 1850. Surprisingly, the contents of the letter, which concern the acknowledgement of receipt of a box of Scriptures, were not known until the Weill brothers allowed the letter to be opened in 1976.

We invite you to discover the story and intrigue behind the Bombay Cover in the dedicated catalogue and follow the auction on our LIVE system on Thursday 1st December at 6pm CET.