We are excited to start 2021 with some good news regarding our Museum of Philately.
New updates will be published on a monthly basis via our digest.

Addition to the team

This month we are very excited to announce the arrival of an additional member of the Museum of Philately team. Isobel Klempka will join me and Devlan Kruck to bring an extra impetus to this wonderful project. Isobel is a freelance PR and Marketing Consultant who will be joining the Museum of Philately team to help increase the awareness for the museum.  Isobel brings her extensive knowledge of marketing and PR to help increase connections with key collectors and to promote the museum. You may have spoken to Isobel within her role at the Philatelic Traders’ Society and Stampex.
Isobel most recently commented:
‘The Museum of Philately is an exciting online space that helps connect philatelists from all around the world.  It enables us to open the world of private collections for everyone to see and enjoy. This is an exciting opportunity and I’m really looking forward to starting work.’  
Isobel Klempka

PR & Marketing Consultant

The PTS Awards

The recently launched PTS awards attracted a lot of interest and are an exciting and innovative way of celebrating the important contributions of the Philately Trade worldwide. The Museum of Philately was honored with the runner up award for Creative Concept of the Year.

There is so much more coming in the months ahead so watch this space and visit us on https://www.museumofphilately.com/
PTS Award Museum of Philately 2020