The David Feldman SA Spring Auction Series went ahead 13-17th June in temperatures of over 30° in Geneva throughout the week, and the highlights, or hot-lights, were that we auctioned more than 5000 lots for over 3 millions in sales, with almost 70% of our Overseas and Collections section selling for just shy of 180% of the estimates, and the Italian lots which sold reached more than 150% of the estimates. Of course in sweltering heat the hammer did comedown on some hot items and some heated prices were realised, the shining star being Lot 51592 an extraordinary Album Timbres Poste – 8e Edition by Justin Lallier, which was produced by A.Lenègre in 1869 and full of world rarities selling for a staggering €256’200’00 from an estimate of €100-150’000’00. It was an exciting moment which was recorded on camera by more than one participant in the room, the winning bidder being on the telephone and beating off competition from within the room, the internet and several weighty bookbids. 

As well as the Italian lots that sold exceeding expectations there were two other aspects of the auction week which overheated with bids far in excess of expectations, they were the Puerto Principe which of the 186 lots available 184 sold, and prices soared on nearly every single lot, it was again an exciting part of the proceedings with several bidders online, in the room and on the telephone, each pushing the others up and up.

Stamp Puerto principe LOT 51429

Lot 51429 in our June 13th-17th auction series 2022: Puerto Principe – 1898 3c on 1m orange-brown

A few to point out were; Lot 51429 which sold for €7’320 from a starting estimate of just £1’000, and also Lot 51408 going for €4’148 from a €200 start. There were others, such as; Lot 51379 selling for €5’124 off just a €700 opening price, Lot 51388 the winning bid was €2’684 against a lower estimate of €200, and Lot 51392 began at €1’000 and eventually after an array of bids from various quarters sold for €6’710.

In a similar light during the GB and Empire section we offered the “Overstrand” Collection of East Africa where 88% of the lots sold and prices realised were in excess of two times the estimates. Bidding during this section was frenzied with bidders on the internet constantly thwarted by bold bookbids and prices achieved left those in the room gasping. Examples were Lot 60794, a gorgeous 1890 Overprinted GB 1a on 2d mint block of four, selling for £4’880 from a start of £2’600, and Lot 60805 achieving £1’220 from a humble estimate of £300-400, and there was Lot 60836 being hotly fought after by three bidders and reaching £3’904 from a top estimate of £2’000. Lot 60880 a rare 1895-96 “On India” 3R with variety “B” of “British” inserted by hand, used in Mombasa selling for a splendid £8’540 and Lot 60891 the mint 1895 2 1/2a Provisional on 1a6p showing variety “1 for i in British”, making £915 from an opening of £200.

In the France section the star of the show was Lot 40099 the 1853 Block of four Empire 1f carmine imperforate mint edge of the sheet with a spectacular variety of partial printing which sold for €17’080 and Lot 40094 reaching its high estimate of €1’464.


Timbres France Bloc de 4 Empire

In the GB and British Empire sale two significant rarities sold for excellent prices, Lot 60084 the 1840 1d Rainbow trial (state 3), complete sheet of 12 on gum paper one of only two known sold for £23’180 and Lot 60241 sold for £14’640 which was a very attractive horizontal pair of 1855 4d carmine pl.1, wmk small garter issue, and the very rare King Edward VII Inland Revenue 1902 10s ultramarine “I.R. Official” in mint condition, Lot 60435, made £36’600 from an estimate of £20-25’000.

Europe wasn’t outdone and there were very healthy bids placed and prices paid for the Romania material, such as Lot 50229 a 1866 20par black on rose thick paper, the superb and fresh mint block of ten, which went for €12’200, and Lot 50214 selling for an impressive €9’760 for the 1858 40pa greenish blue on yellowish-white wove paper, which was describe as the exceptionally rare complete sheet of thirty two – one of only two known. There was also competitive bidding for Lot 50239 which started at €600 and sold for €3’660, and Lot 50240 again starting at the same price but sold for €2’440. Several covers in this section also surprised a few with Lot 50246 selling for a rapturous €4’392 after bidders on the telephone pushed the price from a relatively bullish starting bid of €1’500 and Lot 50250 the 1872 cover to Giurgio franked with a 10b ultramarine Carol I with beard making an impressive €3’904 from a €1’200 start. It was a colourful session in the Romania catalogue in terms of auction activity and material on offer. Well worth taking a closer look at all the lots from this popular region and what they achieved.

Romania stamps 1858

Lot 50214: 1858 40pa greenish blue on yellowish-white wove paper, the exceptionally rare complete sheet of thirty two (8×4) – only two recorded sheets on this paper.

Egypt saw us offer The Joseph Chalhoub collection of Egypt VI – The third Issue and officials and there were some stunning items available, with Lot 10000 kicking off proceedings and achieving €2’684 from an estimate of €600 and similarly Lot 10001 and Lot 10002 both reaching €1’586 from a €300 start. And this rich vein of prices continued through the early items with Lots 10003 to 10006 starting at €300 and reaching over €1220. After that great start Lot 10049 weighed in with an impressive €20’740 for the Famous Ferrary Tête-bêche Pair 5pi yellow-greens and a 1pi vermilion mint, and mint nh top right foliated corner sheet marginal imperforate block of twenty-five, Lot 10083, sold for €10’980. A mint block of four 20pa blue, lithographic printing, perf. 12 1/2 x 13 ⅓, sold for €4’392 from an estimate of €2’000, and worth mentioning the 5pa brown, perf. 12 1/2, single neatly tied to a newspaper, Lot 10055, which reached its estimate of €3’660.

Egypt stamp 1869 Essay of Renard

Lot 10000: Egypt: 1869 Essay of Renard

And we started by mentioning the Italian catalogue and a few key prices realised were Lot 20560 which made €2’318, Lot 20519 reached €1’464 from a €250 start. And a collection of Italian occupation of Corfu, Lot 21156, sold for €13’420 from an estimate of €3’000 and Lot 21070 a 1927 De Pinedo Transatlantic Flight with the “Santa Maria” Trepassey – the Rome Stage cover selling for a very respectable €8’540 after starting at €4’000. Lot 20435 – an unusual parcel tag – sold for €1’830 and another eye catching result was the €20’740 achieved for Lot 21116 which was a rather splendid 1934 “Provisional”,1.30l essay on 1.25l blue block of four, which attracted bids from the internet and on the phones taking it from a start of €12’000. The Italian states section performed well and in particular Lot 21120, a 1850-1867 Italian States extensive specialised collection exceeded expectations and realised €8’540 from an upper estimate of €4’000. And along a similar line Lot 21172, a 1945-1957 Trieste collection made a dizzying €10’370 from a start of just €2’000. It was all very exhilarating if not a touch humid and hot in the auction room in Geneva at times, but we thank our vendors for their faith in our service and the buyers for their extraordinary bidding.


Lastly, there is still an opportunity to buy unsold material by visiting our website and clicking on submit a bid, and please remember we are now taking consignments for our December auction, so do get in touch with us if you are considering selling or wish to sell any of your treasures. 


Note: Realised prices include the buyers premium of 22%.