Genuine old time collections of the world with mint and used classic material in vintage albums, do not come to the auction market very often. In fact, they are extraordinarily rare, as any dealer, auctioneer or even experienced collector will verify. The reality is they are nearly always broken-up into small or single lots. That’s why this wonderful album offers an almost unique opportunity for the philatelic community to appreciate it as it has been assembled all those years ago and provides an exciting chance to acquire it and either preserve it and possibly continue the work, or enjoy the process of working through each page and discovering the treasures within.

It is no exaggeration to say it is filled with philatelic gems which any stamp enthusiast would cherish handling and presenting within their collection or exhibit. We invite you to take a closer look at the auction listing and the amazing rarities which adorn each page…..

One Penny Stamp
Dos Reales Stamp
Eight Pence Ceylon Stamp
One Shilling Stamp
25 Centes Stamp

You can directly download the PDFs for this lot:

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