From June 1st to 3rd, we had the privilege of hosting three exceptional specialised auctions: Latin America, Egypt, and the “Meiji” Collection of Classic Japan. These auctions were a tremendous success, showcasing remarkable outcomes and exceeding our expectations.

Latin America

On Thursday, June 1, David Feldman International Auctioneers presented a significant and varied offering of Latin America. The highlights of which included a fantastic array of very rare and often unique cancellations on the famous Bull’s Eye issue of Brazil and a collection of Spanish maritime mail. With room and agent bidding competing against a number of active online bidders we saw some wonderful results such as lot 10115, a cover bearing a single 60r used at Cuiabá (one of six recorded), selling at €17’000, and lot 10139, a 30r black cancelled by brown handstamp of Meya-Ponte (six known) sold for €2’400, just to name a couple. In the maritime mail it is to be highlighted the earliest cover recorded with any of the ‘Yndias’ postmarks used in America, which sold for €5’500.

Lot 10189 – A desirable usage of a « Bull’s Eye » applied on front of the letter

Sold at 15’000 Euros

Lot 10365 – The unique cover with two stamps of Lithographed Gillet 5c on foreign mail

Sold at 8’000 Euros

Lot 10389 – The earliest example known of any of the extensively used “yndias” handstamps

Sold at 5’500 Euros

Egypt – The Joe Chalhoub Collection – Part VIII


On Friday, June 2, David Feldman International Auctioneers had the honour to offer the VIII part of the Joseph Chalhoub collection. This part included the First and Second Issues, plus King Fouad and Farouk. 

There was keen bidding from all participants, especially on the lots of First and Second Issues as this was the first time these items have been offered on the market since the famous sales of Antonini, Fikry and Smith. The highlights were in particular the key mint multiples of the first issue (Lots 20013, 20022, 20043 and 20055) and the major postal history items (Lots 20015, 20025, 20032 and 20052). The second issue brought fierce bidding for practically all the essays, many of which originating from the Vahan Andonian collection, with highlights being in particular lots 20075 and 20083. The rest of the sale King Fouad and Farouk was strong throughout and the overall result brought many 100’000s in sales.

Lot 20032 – 20pa Blue, three horizontal pairs used on 1867 registered entire letter

Sold at 15’000 Euros

Lot 20032 – One of the two recorded blocks and a major Egyptian rarity.

Sold at 13’000 Euros

Lot 20128 – 5pi Brown, two blocks of six – one of the most important Second Issue items and a major Egyptian rarity.

Sold at 28’000 Euros

The “Meiji” Property of Classic Japan

On Saturday, June 3, David Feldman International Auctioneers presented The “Meiji” Property of Classic Japan and in typical style of the David Feldman company this sale broke records throughout with over 80% of the lots selling at a staggering €8.6 million including our commission, the highling being the 500m error breaking the record for an Asian stamp at over €5.4 million (incl. Buyer’s Premium).

-> To know more about this special sales, we invite you to  read the dedicated article here.

Lot 30050 – A unique mixed-issues franking with the rare 200 mon plate 2

Sold at 92’500 Euros

Lot 30085 – The only 1 Sen Plate 1 Full Sheet in private hands

Sold at 110’000 Euros

Lot 30201 – One of the greatest Gens of Japanese and Asian Philately

Sold at 180’000 Euros