Geneva, November 16. 2023 : At 11am this morning an Extraordinary General Meeting of shareholders, David Feldman was confirmed as the new majority shareholder in the company. David had spent the last decade as an international consultant while following other pursuits which have since matured and returns to lead once again the company he founded over 50 years ago.

It is well known that during the decades of his leadership the David Feldman company achieved an incomparable palmarès establishing more world records and auctioning more Grand Prix and Large Gold collections than any other firm in the history of philately.

“It was really thanks to the support and encouragement of the current personnel, that of so many colleagues and great collectors, as well as my family, that I felt the motivation to return”, David says. There is also another major positive development, as David’s son, Joel will become Managing Director, taking a central role in the financial and administrative running of the business, thereby ensuring that the business continues to give world class service to its clients.

Joel holds advanced degrees in management and Art. He also has been intricately involved in David Feldman SA for decades, starting his work in the company with auction viewings in his teenage years.


David plans to be a guiding force on the philatelic side beside his long time friend and partner, Marcus Orsi, while entrusting Joel with the general management.

“The current staff from receptionist to designer, accountant to viewers and of course the philatelic team, form an outstanding group of people. Together I am convinced that the company will continue to reach great heights in the philatelic world.”