Great Philatelic Collections

This series of books is intended to preserve “the best of the best” of today’s collections for posterity, as the collections themselves have been presented, usually in exhibit form and as annotated by their creators.

Online Museum of Philately

“The crown jewels of Philately” in one digital platform. The Museum is intended to be a resource of philately for all people with an interest in the high-end of the hobby of collectible stamps and postal history.

Discover our solutions to keep your collection alive

If you have an important world-class exhibit collection of an area, country or subject, and are interested in “immortalizing” it, wheter it be in a book or online, then please contact us to join the growing list of fellow collectors who are taking advantage of this unique offer.

Museum of Philately

The Museum of Philately is a website, which presents the important philatelic collections and/or belongings to private collectors.

It allows users to examine award-winning collections, learn about the collectors, to zoom in on selected items using your fingers, and obtain additional detail on the rarest pieces of a collection.


Detailed description of the collection, high definition images, and scans of certificates to learn more about the collection and the awards it received.


The wall of fame of Philatelists from all over the world. Discover their biography, the awards they won and much more.

Rarities of the World

Browse a selection of the most beautiful single items. High resolution front and back scans, provenances and certificates.

Great Philatelic Collections

Our own passion for the greatest individual rarities from throughout the world is well recognised and all these deluxe numbered limited editions have in common the greatness that a collector’s passion, applied to the pursuit of a single subject, can bring to fruition.

In addition to beeing a valued keepsake for collectors and their families, the “Great Philatelic Collections” series represent a must have for every enthusiast collecting any subjects comprised in the series.

A book dedicated to your collection will forever serve as a memorial to your accomplishments and as a reference for future philatelists.


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