Joel Feldman

Managing Director

Joel has been intricately involved with David Feldman SA for decades, starting his work in the company with auction viewings in his teenage years. He has always had a keen interest in collectibles and is a collector himself. As well as working in the academic world, Joel has taken on a series of senior management positions in Art and auction businesses and foundations. Joel holds advanced degrees in Business Administration (Trent University, University of Arizona), Human Resource Management (London School of Economics) and Art (Sotheby’s Institute of Art). He re-joins David Feldman SA to help ensure that it continues to provide world class service to its clients. 

David Feldman

David Feldman


From just 8 years old David Feldman was already running a small stamp business. He earned honors degrees in Business Administration and Philosophy (Trinity University) while in parallel growing the business which evolved to be the world leading auctioneer we know today. David’s interests have always been a concentration on great rarities rather than high volume, succeeding with the world’s first one million dollar sale of the USA “Blue Boy” cover in 1981. This was followed by many even higher value sale records achieved and which are still held today for Switzerland, Mauritius, France, Russia, China and recently Japan. Thanks to David’s focus in this area, the company has sold more Grand Prix and Large Gold Medal Collections than any company in the history of philately. Taking once again the helm of company David plans now to continue that tradition. 

Marcus Orsi


Marcus joined David Feldman in 1981, and has risen to become the company’s Head of Philately. In this role, Marcus has taken the lead in building upon David Feldman’s legacy by expanding the brand and its international exposure. Marcus has a leading role in business-getting, regularly travelling around the world to pick up new collections for auction. His philatelic specialities include the Middle East, Worldwide Classics and British Empire.

Guy Croton


Guy joined David Feldman in April 2019, as a Senior Philatelist, bringing almost 25 years of experience working for leading companies in the UK stamp business. Guy is based in London and has a leading role in developing and growing the company’s business in the United Kingdom and other English-speaking markets.

Ricardo Verra


Ricky joined David Feldman in 2009 shortly after graduating from Imperial College London with a degree in Physics. He is the specialist philatelist for GB, British Empire and Olympics, with also good knowledge of Russia, Egypt and the Far East, and generally European philately. Based in Geneva, Ricky participates at all the FIP International exhibitions and major UK shows.

Gabriel Rheinert  


Gabriel joined David Feldman in 2020 with as responsibility to continue the strong development of the francophone market. He has a Master’s degree graduation in International Business and Management, and built in parallel his own philatelic dealership in France. Gabriel speaks English, French and German. In 2023, he joined the European Academy of Philately (AEP). In addition to his philatelic knowledge Gabriel brings an extra analytical dimension to the company as well as plenty of new ideas to enhance our offering to collectors.

Gérald Imbert


Gerald joined David Feldman SA in 2023 as a philatelist, bringing with him a wealth of experience. Prior to this role, he spent 10 years as the Logistics Manager for the Saint-Gobain Group for the France market. He also worked in a field marketing capacity for three years, overseeing the management of 17 agencies. With a passion for stamp collecting, Gerald has been actively buying and selling stamps for the past 20 years through various online platforms.

Allan Wetsphall - Philatelist

Allan Westphall


Allan joined David Feldman in 2023. He has previously worked in university teaching and research with a special focus on medieval culture and literature. With a passion for stamp collecting for about 40 years, he has considerable expertise in classic European philately, Scandinavia, and general postal history. His main collecting area is classic Denmark and the postal history of Netherlands East Indies. For more than 25 years Allan has been trading stamps and antique coins on various online platforms, and has been involved in the judging of philatelic exhibits at stamp shows.

Mélanie Venter

Administrative Assistant & client Service

Mélanie Venter is an accomplished Administrative Assistant and Client Service Executive with a background in luxury hotels and corporate giants like Barclays Capital and Reuters. After international stints, including time in Zambia, Mélanie has returned to Switzerland, blending her diverse expertise to deliver top-notch service.

Mélanie Wyssa

Assistant Accountant

Melanie Wyssa Joined David Feldman SA in July 2023 as an accountant assistant. With two years of freelancing experience, she developed a keen interest in administrative and accounting tasks.

Estelle Leclere


Estelle joined David Feldman in 2011. She has a Master’s degree in Consultancy (Project management, Organisation and Innovation). With nearly a decade of experience in Marketing and Finance prior to joining the company, Estelle brings a unique blend of skills to her role. At David Feldman SA, her primary responsibility is the meticulous organisation of auctions. She plays a pivotal role in conceptualising, executing, and managing worldwide marketing campaigns, ensuring that each auction receives the attention and global reach it deserves.

Steve Bodenne


Steve joined David Feldman in 2021 as head of logistics and digitisation. A graduate in Commerce and Logistics, he already has 6 years’ experience as a salesman and logistician. He has been specialising in digitisation for 3 years now. Steve speaks English as well as French.

Eva Mondehard

Client Service

Eva started working at David Feldman in 2020, giving an extra hand around auctions and for the accounting department all year round. She permanently joined the David Feldman team as head of client relations in 2022.

External Consultants


David MacDonnell
Consultant in Ireland

Tony Banwell
Consultant in UK

Michael Tseriotis
Consultant in Greece

Gary Dubro
Consultant in the USA


Agents & Representatives


Bill Schultz
Agent for Canada & the US

Olivier Eeckeman
Agent in France & Belgium

Yves Louis
Agent in France

Jorge Del Mazo
Agent for Argentina

Luca Lucarelli
International Representative

Pierre Wertheimer
International Representative

Jean-Jacques Tillard
International Representative

Carlos Hernández Rocha
Agent for Uruguay