Valuation of your collection

Are you interested in selling and wondering how much your stamps are worth on the market? We offer multiple flexible options, either in person or remotely.

How to have your stamps valued by a specialist

Whether you are well-versed in philately or do not have specific knowledge in this area, if you wish to sell your collection then selling at auction will help you to achieve the best possible price for your stamps.

Selling your stamps with us and participating in our auctions is very easy. We have adapted our valuation and consignment process to fit the new reality and we now offer multiple options, including online valuations of your philatelic holdings.  


We are pleased to offer provisional valuations of your stamps free of charge for items we consider appropriate for auction. We regret that we do not provide valuations for items which are of a type or value that is not suitable to be sold at auction.

Quick steps to request a valuation by a specialist


Step 1

Contact us

Send us a brief description and images of your stamps by email at info@davidfeldman.com. For larger images or PDF’s you can use our Dropbox.

Step 2

We get back to you

One of our specialists will get back to you within 48 hours, to let you know if your material has value on the philatelic market or not. 

Step 3

Meet our specialists

Schedule a meeting with our specialists online (Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp, etc.), at our office or at a location of your choice to discuss your needs.

What's next ?

Having in mind the current travel restrictions but also our carbon footprint, we have developed a new, fully remote, consignment process.

Click below to discover the consignment process and the course of events until your stamps are sold at auction.